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Although Chicago is known as "The Second City", there is nothing second-fiddle about the sides Pat made with Tiffany Records. Her brief stint with this company produced these '50s-era sounds.
Throughout her career, Pat has had the privilege of working with the finest musicians. The Jimmy Lyons Trio was the house band at New York's famed Blue Angel when Pat first sang there. Her association with this magnificent group, with Lyons on Piano, Jimmy Raney on Guitar, and Beverly Peer on Bass, led to this special studio recording.
During the '60s, Pat was popular with local producers & songwriters. We’ve preserved a few of the recordings from this era, and it’s interesting to hear how Pat could adapt her voice to various musical styles. Range and versatility are hallmarks of greatness, and Pat had both in abundance! Here she is having fun experimenting with some Carol Frankel songs. Frank Gary, whose fine voice complements Pat's perfectly, is heard on the duet."
Pat did a lot of commercials and jingles over the years. These recordings are rare and hard to find, but we'll keep looking! Here are a few that turned up. Pat did them during the '60s with noted Cleveland musician Dick Wooley, who now heads up the popular TOPS (Tough Old Pros) band.