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Faith, Hope, and Clarity

One perfect, long-stemmed ruby rose
He carries proudly in his hand.
A fragrant symbol, I propose,
of budding love, unbid, unplanned.
A fragile flame is boldly fanned.

Naysayers, quick to interfere:
"How can you know so soon - so fast?
Impossible! She's there! You're here!
What makes you think this thing will last?"
Oh gloomy heav'ns...all overcast!

With Ma Bell firmly on their side,
The lovers hot-wire their romance,
And, like a NASA rocket ride,
Ignite the age-old mating dance,
Defying all the gods of chance.

It's more than serendipity...
Are leprechauns upon the scene?
With magical alacrity,
The world turns forty shades of green
In honor of this fair colleen.

No need, now, to procrastinate.
The road ahead lies smooth and sure.
They joyfully collaborate
In a mutual fund of faith, secure
That happiness will long endure.

And now they vow to blend their souls.
To trust and honor and believe
In all the dreams and wondrous goals
That God has tucked up in His sleeve
To bless this Adam and his Eve.
By Patricia Scot, to celebrate the wedding of her son, Adam Pace, to Colleen R. Kerrigan, 10/10/1998. Pat read the poem during the ceremony.
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