The Museum of Broadcast Communications, based in Chicago, is a great source of information on Radio and TV classics. Their website offers a vast archive containing thousands of video and sound files which you can enjoy right on your computer! We were thrilled to find that they have a full episode of In Town Tonight available for viewing. It originally aired in 1957.
Click on the picture below to visit their webpage:
Pat &Jack entered the S.S. Norway's Talent Contest just to have a chance to play and have some fun. This was the fateful and tragic last cruise for this magnificent ship, as one of the boilers - No. 13! - exploded when they returned to port on May 25, 2003, killing and injuring many of the crew.
Charlie Bornemann, gifted trombone man who played with The Dukes of Dixieland, gave Pat the title, and she wrote this song around it. For you fashionistas watching, you'll probably note that she's wearing the same top she wore on the S.S. Norway cruise - seven years before! Thrifty lady, or as Pat puts it, "I think I was born without the 'shopping gene', since I hate buying clothes!"